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Sorry, Excel Throttle Control & Excel Cycle Werkes will not be at the 2019 BMW MOA Rally.

Because of the escalating cost of Rally participation, and Spring machine shop time - the rally is "off".

My apologies to those customers whom I previously told that I would be at the rally. I will truly miss seeing all of my old customers and friends.

Thanks for your understanding, please contact me directly. Tom

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A Typical BMW Application

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history & design target

I’m Tom from ExcelCycleWerkes.com — and, as you might expect, after creating many “riding enhancements”, and as the riding miles built up, some form of throttle control was the next venture.  I rode with almost all of the available devices over time, but each had it’s own plus and minus — they just didn’t do it for me. Most needed two hands to “get it set”; then, it also “locked” the throttle. Not cool.

My goal was to have a throttle control device that would “hold speed”, was easily “on” and “off”, and be adjustable for throttle rotation tension while in use. When “disengaged” or “off”, the throttle returns to a normal rotation operation.  The Excel Throttle Control does not lock the throttle and can be easily over ridden at any time with a minimum of effort. Since the unit retains its previous setting, it can be engaged and disengaged repeatedly without having to readjust the amount of end pressure.


Honda Africa Twin with handguards


The “Tech” side of it….

This is a “bar end” mechanical device (like a couple others, replaces your RIGHT bar end weight), adjustable while riding, with the main feature being the ability to EASILY switch it from “off” to “engaged” and release as needed —even with cold weather gloves on!

“Generation 3” is in production. Please note that each model has a similar, yet unique mounting design — don’t expect to install an R1200GS control to fit on a BMW scooter because the price is the same. Prices vary due to the OEM motorcycle bar end mounting method.

Prices range from $150 for the “least complex” application to $185 for the more elaborate mounting requirements. Both work the same - the extra cost is due to adapting to the OEM design.


Yamaha FJ09 - install with OEM handguards.jpg

Yamaha FJ-09 with OEM handguards