history & design target

I’m Tom from ExcelCycleWerkes.com — and, as you might expect, after creating many “riding enhancements”, and as the riding miles built up, some form of throttle control was the next venture.  I rode with almost all of the available devices over time, but each had it’s own plus and minus — they just didn’t do it for me. Most needed two hands to “get it set”; then, it also “locked” the throttle. Not cool.

My goal was to have a throttle control device that would “hold speed”, was easily “on” and “off”, and be adjustable for throttle rotation tension while in use. When “disengaged” or “off”, the throttle returns to a normal rotation operation.  The Excel Throttle Control does not lock the throttle and can be easily over ridden at any time with a minimum of effort. Since the unit retains its previous setting, it can be engaged and disengaged repeatedly without having to readjust the amount of end pressure.


Honda Africa Twin with handguards