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BMW R1200GS Exhaust Extension - “oil cooled”

BMW R1200GS Exhaust Extension - “oil cooled”

BMW R1200GSW-Exhaust Extension

BMW R1200GSW-Exhaust Extension

Excel Cycle werkes Exhaust Extensions

WHAT? If you think you don’t need these, check the contents of the “muffler side” bag after a couple of road hours - are the contents as cool as you think they should be?  Is your bag liner (or anything else) melted and stuck to the inside of the case? Did your turn signal melt?

 These tubes are designed to move trapped heat out to the back of the bike — and comes complete with the necessary mounting hardware.  Using this spring mounting method, it will remain solidly mounted, yet react to conditions that may cause system flex.


Excel Cycle Werkes GPS Mount With Locking plate

You just bought your NEW GPS, how do you hold it while riding? How about an Excel Cycle Werkes Swivel Mount? Swivels around and is adjustable “forward & back” / tilts? as needed. Security? Well, yes - a torx security screw to hold it in place also. Shown are two variations - BMW R1200GS with crossbar and Yamaha FJ-09 (MT09).

GPS Crossbar mount on BMW R1200GS GPS Swivel and Locking plate on Yamaha FJ09 GPS Locking Feature Shown


Excel Cycle Werkes handlebar "o-ring" kit - installed on R1200GS

Excel Cycle Werkes handlebar "o-ring" kit - installed on R1200GS

Excel Cycle WErkes “O-Ring” kit

I know, another “HUH”? Earlier BMW’s and other motorcycles had handlebar grips with some size to them - diameter wise. For several reasons, manufacturers reduced the grip diameter (cost, to appeal to smaller hand size, whatever).

This kit was designed for the R1200GS; however, will work on other BMWs using the new style reduced diameter grip, as well as a multitude of other manufactures.

Excel Cycle Werkes O-RIng Grip Kit

Excel Cycle Werkes Kit, yes - a bag of Special O-Rings

The Excel kit will do both grips and withstand UV plus the elevated temperatures created by heated grip usage, and will transmit the heat from the heated grips to your hands.

NOTE: these are not the normal O-rings you would find at your local hardware store.