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There is a slight design difference for each application — Yamaha uses grip rubber that is slightly thinner than others. GEN2 for the FJR and Super Tenere’ used a unique sleeve.

GEN3 for these and other Yamahas have an updated design to eliminate the sleeve (design improvement) and closely resembles the standard unit using the internal adjuster concept. Same setup procedure, follow the instructions.

Keep in mind that this unit is not designed to compensate for elevation changes such as going up and down hill. When riding on extremely windy days, or into the wind, you will notice that you may have to apply more tension with the “adjuster wheel” for the Excel Throttle Control than normal.  Similarly the faster you ride it may require more “adjustment”. In both of these conditions the rider may choose to turn the ”adjuster wheel” farther, which in turn means more end pressure, or — it  increases the tension on the throttle return spring.

Yamaha: Tenere’, FJR, FJ09

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The FJ09 has a molded handguard (above right) that requires some material removal between the end of the grip and the “inner face” of handguard. If you send your handguard to me, it will be adjusted and returned to you with the throttle control. I can also provide a new one at an extra cost (Yamaha parts price + shipping to me: $28). This “adjustment” is needed to fit the throttle control into the space available—it does not affect the strength of the handguard. Because of the FJ09 bar end design, it has a few extra parts to keep it compact. As above, the same setup procedure is used, just follow the supplied instructions. NOTE: after doing several of the handguards, I really don’t encourage you to do the “adjustment” on your own—the amount to be removed & “squareness” of the inside face is a critical to the design & functionality.

FJ09 “GEN 3”

Excel Throttle Control